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A few vintage snapshots from the Houtte family files, because Alligators, Old Mink & New Money is deeply rooted in family stories and our family's closets.

"Do you want a hat?"
Alison's First Bad Haircut
Cutoffs & Bare Feet
Grandma & Grandpa Houtte A Long Time Ago
Grandma Neylon & Melissa
Grandpa Neylon, Ready for Work
Hats, Hats, Hats
Little Boys in Linen, 1933
Little Girls & Their Pretty Dresses
Matching, In Plaid
Oh Those Seventies
Plaid & Palms
The Ad Exec Look, late 1940s Style
The New Daughter-in-Law
The Six of Us, Circa 1964
Warm in Winter, 40s Style